About Hoolai Games
Hoolai Games is an entertainment company for online game development, operation and publishing. Founded in 2011, the company established the brand "Hoolai" and became one of the leading game developers on Tencent platform.

Hoolai Games is headquartered in Beijing with wholly-owned subsidiaries in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hong Kong, the United States, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan and other locations. With game products released in Korea, Vietnam, Turkey, Russia, Southeast Asia and many other regions, the company dedicates to providing the best entertainment services to users all over the world.

The unique design ideas of our team toward each product has brought us a series of high-quality games. From "Hoolai Three Kingdoms", the STG social game owning over 10 million daily active users on the Tencent platform, to newly developed "zhanxian", an ARPG that held a monthly profit record over 100 million yuan, the company keep creating amazing browser game for users continuously. Despite the browser games above, mobile games and mini client-side RPG ,such as Wartune, "quanminzhanxian", "yijianmietian", are hitting the market now.

The principles and ideas of Hoolai Interactive can be summarized as "product-focused" "high-quality strategy" "service-oriented" and "warm atmosphere" Focusing on developing continuous competitive innovation products is our core business Providing high-quality game to the market is our competition strategy Meeting customer expectations of high-quality product and providing efficiently service is our direction Helping and respecting each other is how we working in team.

Hoolai Interactive will keep building a top brand in the world of game - Hoolai Games !